We offer many different Security Services.

  1. ON-SITE Security. We offer on-site Security for businesses such as Housing Authorities, Banks, Car Dealership lots, Gas Stations and any other business that may see an advantage to having a Professional Security team on their property.
  2. Business and Residential property Patrolling. This is where we visit the property a few times during the night or as many times as you like. We can do a Security check or we can stay for 30 minutes, the duration is up to each customer.
  3. 24 / 7 Coverage. We have the staffing to provide your business or community with our fully trained Officers to provide effective Security.
  4. Hospitality Security. Are you looking for an Officer to walk the floors at your Hotel or Lobby?
  5. Event Security. An event can be Weddings, Concerts, Neighborhood parties and so on. We can assist you during those big events. We can check bags and use our metal detectors if you need.
  6. Loss prevention. Our Officers are trained in this area and know what to look for.

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